What You Need to Learn About Organic Farming

We are first and foremost growers. So we know what growers expect because we expect a lot. That’s why we’ve built this plant to best position ourselves to help other growers.

- Lakhy Sran, Partner and 2nd Generation Grower

Why Should Growers Consider Organic?

There are many reasons to grow organic almonds, the most important include:

  • Higher prices to the grower

  • In-demand product

How Do Growers Make the Transition?

If you have been thinking about transitioning to organic almonds or developing a new organic almond orchard, Sran Family Orchards is here to help:

  • Organic farm operation consulting

  • Almond tree program

As growers ourselves, we know you want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise, and we can help.

Healthy – growing organic almonds
Wealthy – increased return for your efforts
Wise – choosing what’s best for your family and your business!