Sran Family Orchards Receives Validation from the Almond Board of California’s Technical Expert Review Panel for Processing of Natural Almonds

• The Sran Family Orchards installation is the first of RF Biocidics’ latest state-ofthe-art APEX system to receive TERP certification.
• The latest model in the APEX product line offers a superbly uniform and
repeatable temperature distribution – important features that allow for microbial
reduction within the narrow temperature ranges required to also maintain
nutritional and sensory quality.
• This TERP certification highlights Sran Family Orchards’ commitment to
developing innovative processes and ensuring high-quality products

Kerman, California (July 20, 2016) – Sran Family Orchards’ processing of natural almonds
using RF Biocidics’ state-of-the-art food safety equipment has been validated by the Almond
Board of California Technical Expert Review Panel (TERP). This certification signifies
acceptance of the chemical-free process developed for Sran Family Orchards, indicating that
it effectively treats natural almonds for pathogens and microbial contamination.

TERP certification is required for the processing and sale of almonds in the United States,
and is viewed as a hallmark of acceptability by producers of tree nuts. Sran Family Orchards
worked closely with an Almond Board-approved process authority to obtain validation and
approval from TERP for the RF Biocidics APEX 85 system’s use in processing natural
almonds with radio frequency technology.

“We’re excited to receive TERP validation for processing natural almonds using radio
frequency pasteurization. It brings Sran Family Orchards to the next level in terms of food
safety and enables us to offer our customers natural almonds with superior, unaltered
texture and taste,” said Lakhy Sran, partner at Sran Family Orchards. “This technology is
truly a game-changer for the almond industry and we’re proud to be the only processor in
the U.S. with this validation for natural almonds.”

Sran Family Orchards processes organic and conventional almonds in California’s Central
Valley and has been a part of the almond industry for the past 10 years. They will use RF
Biocidics’ APEX 85 to manage pasteurization of natural almonds. The challenge is to
maintain temperatures high enough to achieve microbial reduction for pasteurization, but
not so high as to roast the almonds, which affects taste and texture. While TERP validates
the pasteurization, processors are also interested in meeting consumer demands for good
taste and texture. Sran Family Orchards has accomplished both. The unit at Sran Family
Orchards is the first of RF Biocidics’ APEX 85 model to receive TERP validation.

“We are excited Sran Family Orchards has received TERP certification for processing natural
almonds without the use of chemicals or steam,” said Charley Phillips, Vice President of
Sales at RF Biocidics. “Sran Family Orchards is committed to preserving almond integrity
and RF Biocidics is proud to partner with them.”

RF Biocidics’ patented food safety process was developed at the University of California,
Davis. Unlike traditional pasteurization methods that use chemicals or steam, which may
diminish food’s nutritional value, RF Biocidics employs volumetric heating to kill pests and
bacteria using radio frequency waves. These machines safely reduce harmful pathogens
from foods such as nuts, seeds, spices, and dried fruits, making them safe for consumers.

With the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 (FSMA), food
suppliers and processors face a mandate to put in place advanced food safety systems
designed to analyze risks and implement preventative controls. At the same time,
consumers are increasing demand for organic and chemical-free foods that maintain highquality taste and texture.

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About Sran Family Orchards
Sran Family Orchards is one of the largest family owned and second-generation nut
processors. Sran Family Orchards is certified by CCOF as an approved Organic Grower and
Processer under the USDA NOP guidelines. All products are 100% grown and processed in

Media contact:
Lakhy Sran
Sran Family Orchards
1750 N Siskiyou Ave
Kerman, California 93630

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